Bee or Wasp Removal

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If you want to make sure that bee or wasp stings do not pose a danger to you or your family, let a professional exterminator address your bee or wasp problem. Attempting to get rid of bees or wasp on your own using over the counter sprays and products in most cases will not resolve your problem. Ordinary people who are not in the pest management industry do not understand insect biology and how to apply these insecticides. Most do-it-yourself sprays do not reach the entire colony, allowing the bees or wasps to survive. Some nests can be located in walls of a home or attic space, but all a homeowners see are wasps or yellow jackets flying back and forth through a crack or hole. Then the do-it-yourself bee control of aiming and running is ineffective in solving the problem. Beware to never seal the entrance holes where yellow jackets or wasps are flying in and out of. These two do-it-yourself tasks can trap the insects inside causing them to find a way inside the home through electrical outlets, light fixtures, vents or even chewing their way through sheetrock.

The benefits to having a professional exterminator eliminate your bee or wasp problem:

  • Professional pest control professionals are trained and understand what and how to apply products.

  • Most over the counter products are not healthy for you, your family, your pets or property.

  • Homeowners often do not know where the colony is located. A professional bee exterminator will know the areas to treat in order to eliminate your bee or wasp problem.

If you attempt to get rid of bees or wasps yourself, keep this in mind. The time you spend shopping for pest control sprays for bees and the time to unsuccessfully kill the wasps or bees, you could have invested into proper bee or wasp removal with a licensed Ballston Spa exterminator. Ballston Spa pest control experts can save you time and money and allow you and your family to be safe from stinging insects. Learn more about pests in Ballston Spa area and contact us today for a free home evaluation!

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