Bed Bugs Make A Terrible Gift

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Have you ever had someone re-gift an item to you? Recycling unwanted gifts is an age-old tradition. If you get something for Christmas you don't want, you just store it away and present it to someone else who would "appreciate" it more than you. No harm, no foul.  Right?  If you really think about it, you're doing the gift giver a favor. They wanted to get you something you would love. By re-gifting that item you saved yourself a little cash; and who doesn't love that? You're welcome gift giver! But there is an art form to re-gifting. Here are some rules.

  • It is okay to re-gift items that are still in their original packaging. Even if the person you're giving it to knows that it is a re-gift, they should still appreciate the value of the item, if it is something they want. Sort of like trading gifts at a Yankee Swap

  • It is not okay to re-gift a packaged item that looks like it has been kicking around your home for a year or more. Damaged goods do not say, “Merry Christmas.”

  • It is perfectly acceptable to re-gift free movie passes and other valuable coupons.

  • It is not okay to give coupons that are buy-one-get-one-free.

  • It is perfectly acceptable to give knitted socks to your family members...but never okay to re-gift knitted socks.

  • Under no circumstances is it ever okay to re-gift bed bugs. Seriously. Bed bugs are the worst re-gift ever.

Okay. No one would ever purposely give bed bugs as a gift, but here is what happens. You recently came back from a trip and didn't realize you picked bed bugs up while you were gone. When your family comes to visit you for the holidays, they stay in your spare bedroom, attic space, or basement--where you often keep your luggage and other travel items--and the bed bugs hitchhike home with them.

Here are some tips to keep bed bugs from re-gifting themselves.

  • Whenever you travel, even if it is to the home of someone you know or a 5-star hotel, always look for bed bug signs. Bed bugs don't live where filth is; they live where they can get a blood meal. And that is pretty much anywhere. Inspect sheets and pillow cases for dried blood stains, black fecal deposits, light brown urine stains, shed casings, or the bugs themselves.

  • Know where to look. Bed bugs don't only hide in mattresses. They can be found living in couches, chairs, bed boards, baseboards on walls, in outlets, and in electronics. Black fecal smears are a good sign to look for.

  • Know that these bugs don't just live in hotels and motels. They can live in places in between, like taxi cabs, subways, and buses. Keep a watchful eye in these places as well.

If you find that someone has re-gifted bed bugs to you by accident or you'd like to make sure your home is free of bed bugs so you don't accidently pass them on to friends and family, we can help. Bed bugs make a terrible gift - Every time! Stop them in their tracks with Thomas Pest Services.

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