Bed bugs in Saratoga

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Bed bugs in Saratoga? Yes, its true.

Last week The Time Union reported, tenants are finding bed bugs in Saratoga Springs Housing Authority Stonequist Apartment high rise. The problem has been going on for several months now, but management didn't call a pest control expert "because they felt they could address the issue."

However, controlling bed bugs without a professional is always discouraged. Understanding bed bug biology, the use of products and the treatment protocols allows professionals to have the upper hand in battling these monsters. A recent study states bed bug infestations are only going to get worse! Detection bed bug infestations early on is one way to keep bed bug infestations from spreading.

Now, that the problem has spread to so many units, Saratoga Springs Housing Authority is now facing the daunting price to treat. The use of canines can be instrumental in this situation. Bed bug scent detection K9's like Promise, have the ability to search rooms in minutes verifying if there are bed bugs or bed bug eggs. Depending on the findings, rooms can be treated accordingly saving time and money.

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