Bed Bugs and Pets

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As many in the Albany area prepare to pack up the car for summer vacation for the fourth of July, the scary thought of transporting bed bugs is a real threat. Whether headed to the lake, beach, mountains or across the country, bed bugs can be found in cabins and even five-star hotels. Travelers should be on the lookout for signs of bed bugs, inspecting when arriving at your destination and once returning home. FOX 23 reports, bed bugs can even hitchhike home with pets.

Can bed bugs bite pets?

“Dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs. Any pet, for instance, could be a food source for a bed bug," according to Jeffery White of Bed Bug Central. Bed bugs would not feed long term on a pet, but the pet can certainly transport bed bugs. Bed bugs can hitch a ride on your pet, their bedding or carrier into your home.

Avoid bed bugs when traveling with pets:

  • Consider leaving your pets bedding in the bathroom. The bathroom is a room with less risk for bed bugs.
  • When returning home, wash all plush toys and bedding and place in dryer at hottest setting for a minimum of an hour to kill all life stages of bed bugs.
  • Have your pet bathed and groomed before bringing them into your house as well to reduce your risk.

According to Dr. White, a recent survey found 67 percent of pest management companies have treated bed bugs in hotel rooms. Our previous blog posts discuss, avoiding bed bugs, common bed bug questions and how Promise, our dog can be useful.

Thomas Pest Services, a QualityPro company a designation from the National Pest Management Associations (NPMA) prides it’s self as a leader in bed bug control and removal. A bed bug infestation is serious and should be treated by a licensed, trustworthy pest control company. At the first bed bug signs, contact Thomas Pest Service for a free inspection, to learn about bed bug removal and bed bug treatments. Thomas Pest Services proudly serves Albany, Northern Columbia County, Fulton, Montgomery, Renneselear, Saratoga, Schenectady, Washington, and Warren Counties.

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