Bed Bug Travel Tips this Thanksgiving Holiday

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This Thanksgiving holiday, bed bugs are one memory you don’t want to remember or bring home. The best way to avoid bringing bed bugs home is to be educated!

Avoid bed bugs when traveling:

Step 1: Pre-Travel Homework. Before you leave for trip head over to the Bed Bug Registry to see if your hotel has any reports for bed bug sightings. Even though there may be reports, it does not necessarily mean the hotel has a current bed bug infestation.

Step 2: Identification. Know what to look for. Bed bug adults are red/brownish in color and roughly the size of an apple seed. Bed bug nymphs are approximately 1/32 inch and can be translucent or red if they just fed. Bed bug eggs are tiny, similar in size to dust, white/clear and difficult to see without magnification, especially on light-colored surfaces. Bed bug fecal spots (droppings) are black dot looking marks of dried bed bug excrement. Bedbugs will shed their skins five times before reaching adulthood, which can take anywhere from 5-8 weeks. Before young bed bugs shed their skin and grow, castings are yellowish in color.

Step 3: Inspection. Once arriving at a hotel room, placing all your belongings in the bathroom (safe zone) while you begin your investigation. Bed bugs are not contained to just the bed. Your inspection should include mattress, boxspring, headboard, nightstand, furniture in room, mirrors, artwork, electrical boxes and luggage rack looking for the signs above.

Step 4: Stay Alert. During your stay if you wake up with bed bug bites or notice something new in the room, perform another inspection. If you notice anything suspicious bring to management’s attention right away.

Step 5: Clean and Monitor. Once you arrive home, wash and dry all clothes (even if they are clean). This will kill all life stages of bed bugs. Carefully inspect your luggage focusing around steams and zippers looking for bed bug signs. Before packing your luggage away until your next trip, use the vacuum around these areas and empty the vacuum canister or bag before storing the vacuum away. Once home, be on the lookout for bed bug bites or other bed bug signs. If you are suspicious contact a bed bug specialist immediately. Promise our bed bug scent detection K9 and provide peace of mind as well!

If you believe bed bugs may have come home with you, contact your Albany bed bug removal specialist right away. Identifying the presence of bed bugs and starting service to eridicate bed bugs should be left to a professional. For homeowners in Ghent, Schenectady, Albany, Troy, Saratoga and Lake George, we offer effective bed bug services to help solve your bed bug problem. Contact Thomas Pest Services today, for more information about bed bugs or Albany bed bug treatments.

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