Bed Bug Prevention in Dorms

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For many colleges located in the Capital District a new semester is quickly approaching. Students will be filling the dorms, meeting new and old friends and begin hitting the books. Before you send your student off, have you checked their back to school list twice? Of course the necessary items like pens and notebooks have made the list, but what about bed bug prevention items? Bed bugs can be a major problem for colleges in the Capital Region, across New York and the country, so bed bug prevention in dorms is important!

Bed bugs are brown to reddish-brown, flat, oval insects, which feed on the blood of people mainly when sleeping. When the bite occurs it is painless, which occur in a straight line. The area may develop into a large, itchy welt similar to a mosquito bite. Bed bugs do not transmit disease, but can cause anxiety and sleeplessness. Bed bugs are known as hitchhikers, transferred from one infested environment to another. Bed bugs travel from one place to another on clothing, bedding, luggage, furniture, backpacks, books and more. Dormitories are a perfect environment for bed bugs to hitchhike as students travel to and from classrooms, friend’s dorms, public transportation and other locations on campus.

How can your student avoid getting bed bugs in their dorms?

  • Do not bring any used or discarded items into the room.
  • Before unpacking your items, inspect the room. Look for bed bug signs, such as live bugs, dark blood spots, bed bug fecal spots (black dots) and bed bug skins.
  • Consider contacting your local pest management provider for a bed bug encasement, laundry bags and climb up monitoring devices to help monitors for bed bugs.
  • Not all college students follow their mothers’ orders on cleanliness. However, reducing the amount of clutter will allow for easier detection if bed bugs do become a problem.
  • Clean and vacuum the room regularly.
  • Inspect your room often for the signs mentioned above. Pay attention to seams, folds, zippers and any other location.
  • If you think you have seen bed bugs or bed bug signs, contact your Resident Assistant immediately.

Bed bug prevention in dorms should begin with regular inspections, as students travel across campus the reality of bringing bed bugs back to their room is present. If any signs of bed bugs are found or something looks suspicious, contact the campus immediately. Do not be ashamed or embarrassed. Locating and containing a bed bug problem early, is better than left acknowledged or with DIY treatments.

To learn more about bed bugs or back to school bed bug prevention, contact Thomas Pest Services your bed bug removal experts. Thomas Pest Services serves the local communities of Albany, Schenectady, Colonie, Clifton Park, Ballston Spa, Saratoga, Lake George with third generation experience you can trust!

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