Bed Bug Myths Debunked

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While we all take to Google for information, you can't believe everything you read on the internet.  Especially when it comes to bed bugs.  Before you search the internet for do-it-yourself ideas and solutions, check out the information below to find out what bed bug information has merit and what are myths.  

Bed bugs can fly and will jump on you.

Bed bugs are known for hitchhiking but don’t jump or fly on their hosts. They run fast, hide well and adapt to most environments.

Bed bugs always reproduce quickly, no matter where you find them.

To reproduce quickly, they need a steady blood meal to molt and lay eggs. No meal, no reproduction.

Bites aligned three in a row means you have bed bugs.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are factually untrue. Bed bugs normally bite to obtain a feeding source; therefore, it can be many bites or just one.

Bed bugs only bite their host and feed at night.

Bed bugs can feed anything but prefer to feed at night. In high level infestations, the feeding can be day or night.

Bed bugs live only in mattresses and nowhere else in a home or office.

Bed bugs will live in a mattress, box spring, couch and almost anywhere close to their hosts.

Bed bugs are only found in unsanitary conditions, never in clean homes.

Bed bug infestations aren’t related to living in filthy conditions. Bed bugs don’t discriminate when it comes harboring and breeding.

Bed bugs and their bites transmit disease and cause illness.

They won’t make you sick, necessarily, unless the bites become infected.

Do it yourself sprays and foggers for bed bugs work. Don’t hire an exterminator when you can do it yourself.

Customers don’t have the times, knowledge or experience to do the job correctly, and foggers only drive bed bugs deeper into harborages.

To stop bed bugs, we need to bring back DDT. The stronger the chemical, the better the solution.

DDT developed resistance over times, just like pyrethroids. Stronger chemicals aren’t the answer.

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Thank you to Pest Management Professional Magazine for this information.

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