Bed Bug Infested Clothing

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A recent article from CBS news expresses the reality of bed bugs facing people across the country. A dryer cleaner in Edmonton, Canada said, “Accepting bedbug-infested clothing is too risky.”

After discovering an infestation of bed bugs on clothes, many peoples first reaction is to throw items away. However, this is not always necessary. The key is to contain infested or suspected items by placing in a plastic bag or container. Once contained, follow these simple steps:

  • All items (clothing, bedding) should be washed and dried on the highest heat for a minimum of 1 hour. Once cleaned, place in plastic bags or plastic containers until you are cleared bed bug free.
  • Items that can not be washed (suitcase, shoes, electronics, couches), place in a plastic bag or plastic container. Contact us about our heat chamber, where items can be heated and be removed after 6 hours bed bug free.
  • Mattresses do not have be thrown out. Ask about our mattress encasements.

When returning home from traveling, place all items (clean and dirty) in washer and dryer. Place in the dryer on the highest setting for a minimum of an hour. This will kill all life stages of bed bugs on clothes. In regard to your suitcase, inspect the suitcase, vacuum the suitcase and use a scrub brush along the seams and folds.

With the increase of bed bugs across the nation, especially locally in Albany, Saratoga and Lake George, we are your bed bug specialists. With news coverage and raised awareness, become educated and more cautious when traveling or visiting bed bug prone areas. Contact us for a free estimate and/or information.

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