BBQ and Celebrate Safely this Fourth of July

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The Fourth of July is just days away! One of my favorite things to do on the Fourth of July is to have a nice barbeque with family and friends. My husband is usually in charge of the barbequing portion of the day, while I work on side dishes, desert and toasting some buns inside. He is a wonderful cook and is very meticulous about his barbequing. He likes to make sure that it is delicious and cooked to suit everyone’s tastes. Another thing I love about his skill to barbeque is that he makes sure that he is safe while he’s cooking on that open flame and that everyone else watching him is safe. We all know that the men always seem to like to congregate around the grill and talk while watching meat cook.

Be sure to know your grill inside and out. Read your manual and have it handy at all times. If your manual has disappeared, the National Fire Protection Association has a very informative website where they discuss all types of grills and all aspects of grill safety, click here to visit their grilling safety page.

Here are the three major areas of concern for you and your grill master to think about when grilling this Fourth of July:

Safe grill placement is of utmost importance. Most of the time the grill is on a deck or patio right outside your home, be sure to leave adequate space so that the heat and flame doesn’t melt siding or become a fire hazard to trees and other flammable objects.

Proper grill ignition. Turning on a propane grill can be a very dangerous process. Be VERY attentive to the lighting of the propane and know the proper procedure if your grill does not light immediately. Safe use of lighter fluid for charcoal grills is essential also. Know the safe way to add lighter fluid to charcoal and how and when to light it.

Grill maintenance and cleaning is of the utmost importance. Inspect your grill and all the connections before and after each use.

Having a well maintained and safe grill and grilling procedure is one crucial part of a fun and safe Fourth of July celebration. Another aspect of a safe and fun Fourth of July is the minimizing of pest exposure for yourself and your guests. Pests can ruin an outdoor fun fest in a moment. Mosquitoes, stinging pests and even ticks can put a damper on your activities. Here are a few tips to keep you safe from summer pests this Fourth of July:

  • Utilize a professional home pest control service year round to keep your home and yard pest free.

  • Wear bug spray that contains DEET to deter biting pests.

  • Store your food in sealed air tight containers to keep ants and sweet seeking stinging insects away.

  • Wear light colored clothing. Dark colors attract mosquitoes and stinging insects.

  • Don’t wear perfumes, hair spray or fruity smells that may attract pests.

  • Make sure your window and door screens do not have any holes in them to keep pests out of your home.

Most importantly remember to enjoy your Fourth of July and making new memories.

If you have any pest problems you would like help dealing with contact us here at Thomas Pest Services. We can help you to eliminate any current pest problems and make sure they stay away.

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