Bat Proofing in the Winter

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Contrary to popular belief, bats don’t always migrate when cold weather arrives. Sometimes they hesitate too long and get stuck, but some like the big brown bat, have adapted to living in buildings over the winter and often don’t migrate at all. Bats that had a summer roost in an attic may just remain for the winter, or they may leave one attic and move to another nearby roost for the winter. Customers who did not have bats roosting in their home during the summer may find themselves playing host to winter bats. Bats enter hibernation sits in late September or October. Bat Proofing for Bats during the Winter

Bats require a winter hibernation temperatures that is cool but not freezing, generally above 45 degree Fahrenheit. Most of insulated attics are warm, enough to qualify. Bats that are settled into over wintering sites are pretty much inactive except for an occasional warm day which can coax them to make a brief excursion outside to rehydrate, in most cases the big brown bat.

Hibernating bats can become active when there’s a blast of really cold winter air. They will start moving around inside, looking for warmer quarters within the home. They can move behind insulation or down into wall voids where homeowners sometimes hear squeaking and scratching sounds. They sometimes follow pipes or wiring and find their way down into basements and living areas.

Bats are protected animals and New York state regulates bat proofing procedures certain times of the year. There is no reason why bat proofing cannot begin in the winter. The job will have to finish sealing in the spring after the bats have become active, but before young are born. Interior bat proofing can keep bats in attics and wall voids from getting into living spaces sealing around light fixtures, pipes, wiring and spaces around attic doors.

It is important to contact your local Clifton Park bat removal specialist at the first signs of bats or wildlife animals in your home. Attempting to control and remove wildlife and other mammals you’re your home is dangerous and should be left up to a wildlife and bat removal specialists. Thomas Pest Services offers bat removal services to Chatham, East Greenbush, Saratoga and surrounding areas throughout the Capital Region. Contact us for a free inspection to safely remove bats and other wildlife from your structure.

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