Bad News for Over the Counter Insecticides

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When it comes to an insect or rodent issue, some individuals decide to tackle the problem on their own, before contacting their pest control professional. Choosing between “do it yourself” and professional pest control, maybe of personal preference, but the answer should be well thought out.

A new study released by Ohio State University entomologists, brings bad news for people purchasing over-the-counter insecticides. Susan Jones and Joshua Bryant found that “bug bombs” and “foggers” — cheap, insecticide-spraying aerosols that have been marketed for decades as do-it-yourself alternatives to exterminators — were ineffective against even the most vulnerable of bedbugs. Their study found that after spraying the bugs with a typical two-hour fog, only the laboratory bugs had died; nearly all of the wild bedbugs had survived.

Deciding to tackle a pest issue usually is a choice made due to financial concerns, convenience among many others. Many products available for the average consumer advertise the benefits of tackling the problem by yourself. However, as a pest professional the costs can far outweigh the benefits.

  • Pest control products can be extremely harmful to people and pets.
  • Product labels are not followed. Read the instructions and follow them! Do not try to double the dosage or triple the amount – there is a reason they place instructions on the products.
  • Professionals understand how to solve your pest problem, while protecting the environment. Professionals understand how to use chemicals without damaging the environment.
  • Professionals understand how products and insect biology work together. This is important in reaching control.
  • Trying to solve the problem on your own can be costly. After attempting to treat on your own and then calling a professional is costing and timely. Contacting a local pest professional from the start would have been the best choice.

As your Albany pest control provider, Thomas Pest Services take pride in helping commercial facilities and homeowners achieve and maintain a pest free environment. This study is not a shock to us as professionals in the pest management industry, but surprising to the average consumers. For more information on our pest control services in Lake George, Saratoga, Amsterdam, Clifton Park, Albany, Ghent or elsewhere in upstate New York, please contact us.

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