Avoid Winter Visitors This Year

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When thinking about wildlife, people tend to picture cute little chipmunks scrambling up a tree trunk as they walk by, or perhaps a mama raccoon and her babies taking a stroll across the back yard in summer. Really, what’s not to love about seeing these creatures just passing by on their way to somewhere else? After all, they are fun to watch from the safety of the living room.

The problems begin when these furry little creatures decide to stay for a while. These animals are attracted to any property with the promise of food that comes in the form of unprotected bird feeders, pet food left in bowls outside or in your home, or unsecured trash cans. Animals like squirrels and raccoons will take that as an open invitation to camp nearby. They can get an easy meal and likely cause a lot of damage or make a huge mess in the process. Even skunks will happily get in on the action for an easy meal.

The more comfortable these animals may get on the property, the more of a dangerous nuisance they can become. If the small animals such as squirrels or raccoons decide they want to spend a winter living off your hospitality, they will do what they can to find a way in whether that is through an uncapped chimney or ventilation system or through a cracked window in the attic. They may even find a way into the basement or camp under the porch depending on the type of pest.

Squirrels and raccoons will tend to get to the roof from trees. They will then attempt to enter the house through the chimney or vent system to get into the attic or crawl space where they can hibernate in comfort. The really unlucky homeowner might find that one of these creatures has found its way into the living space of the home while searching for food. Both squirrels and raccoons will wreak havoc in a kitchen looking for food or water. Raccoons will also tear apart trash bags and topple trash cans easily while they are searching for food. If they are cornered, they will do even more damage looking for a way out.

Skunks are another problem pest. Generally, people already know that this is one animal that they do not want to encourage to stick around long. Given the right conditions and the time of the year, skunks will quite happily move in under the porch or decking or dig a den under a shed. Finding a skunk living under the porch is not a discovery anyone wants to make. Their odor makes them unpopular guests, indeed. Skunks will also get into trash cans making a huge mess in your yard, and they are famous for destroying yards by digging holes.

The most important thing that you must remember about wildlife is that removing them on your own can be very dangerous. Always call a professional pest control company like Thomas Pest Services to come get them out. Wild animals are just that, wild. Any animal who feels threatened or trapped can and will defend themselves by any means possible including biting and scratching their way out of danger. Bites and scratches can lead to serious health concerns including infection or rabies. It is not worth the risk. Our wildlife control program was set up to give you peace of mind knowing that with a single call these dangerous pests will be removed out of your home quickly.

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