Avoid Bed Bugs This Thanksgiving

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Turkey roasting, corn boiling, potatoes being fixed up in a variety of ways, and your favorite pies cooling on the counter. Family shuffling in and out of the house, people making plans for the early morning rush of Black Friday shopping, and complaining about work while watching the big football game. Thanksgiving has become one of the most important and most exciting days of the year for families throughout the United States and the Capital Region is no different. Unfortunately, with all of that delight and enjoyment comes hard work and preparation. Travel is going to be extra difficult as roads will be crowded and airlines will be booked to the max. Trying to buy and prepare all the food you’re going to need while making those last minute pushes on projects at work so that you can enjoy your extra days off can really drag on you. And then there is making sure the children have everything they need for the long weekend and that the vehicle is good to go for a lengthy haul. It’s easy to understand why people don’t think of things that aren’t easily seen with everything else going on.

Bed bugs are one of those annoying things that tend to see an uptick during the Thanksgiving time of year. Since bed bugs survive on the skin cells left behind by humans and animals, it’s no wonder they get an extra large helping during the holidays. Not only are there more people around to provide them with a food source but the lucky ones are also able to hitchhike to new and undiscovered places by stowing away in our clothes and luggage. The last thing you need when you or your loved ones get done traveling is to deal with an infestation of unwanted and previously non-existent bed bugs. While you are traveling, it’s important they know what to look for to ensure they don’t accidentally forge a long-term relationship with bed bugs. Make sure you check sheets and blankets for rust colored stains and brown spots. These are leftovers from crushed bugs or bed bug excrement. Search for eggs and yellowish skin-like pieces left behind from aging bugs entering adulthood. You'll want to be diligent in both packing and unpacking, and taking extra precautions like sealing your clothes in airtight bags, and washing everything that you  brought with you, can stop an infestation before it has a chance to start.

If you settle in after the holidays and discover that bed bugs have come to set up camp in your home, make a call to Thomas Pest Services. We know you’ve got other things to worry about, so let us take care of this problem for you. With some of the finest technicians and specialists in the business, and methods that are proven to work, we will send your household's pests packing. In preparation for family coming to visit you during the holidays, sign up for a pest control plan now. We’ll make sure there is nothing extra that you and your loved ones need to worry about this holiday season.

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