Avoid Bed Bugs this Memorial Day Weekend

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This coming weekend is the kick start to summer for many. Memorial Day weekend, families hit the road travelling to warmer places, summer homes or other locations for the long weekend. Whether you are travelling my car, train, plane or other mode of transportation, are you prepared for encounters with bed bugs? Thomas Pest Services, your local Saratoga pest control experts offer tips to avoid bed bugs this Memorial Day weekend.

1. Before booking your stay, check out websites for bed bug reviews like www.bedbugregistry.com or tripadvisor for bed bug complaints at hotels.

2. Purchase oversized Ziploc bags to store clothing in, in your suitcase. Storing clothing in bags will prevent bed bugs from infesting clothing.

3. Upon arrival, inspect your hotel room for bed bugs and signs of bed bugs. This picture shows areas to look for bed bugs including, mattress, sheets, headboard, nightstands, other furniture, behind pictures and around electrical outlets.

What are signs of bed bugs? Blood spots on sheets/mattress, light brown/tan bed bug skins which are shed as bed bugs grow, itchy clustered red bumps.

4. Avoid placing clothing and belongings in dressers, closets or on luggage racks. We understand it is annoying and frustrating to work out of your suitcase, but by doing this you will help you avoid bed bugs.

5. When you return home there are additional steps to take to ensure you remain bed bug free. Wash and dry all clothing (including clean items), this process will kill all life stages of bed bugs. Vacuum your suitcase, especially focusing around seam areas for bed bugs. Monitor your home for signs of bed bugs.

Don’t start off your summer travel with bed bugs. Simple bed bug tips can make a trip memorable for all the right reasons. If you believe bed bugs have hitchhiked home with you, contact Thomas Pest Services right away, do not try home remedies for bed bugs. If you live in Albany, NY; Saratoga, NY; Lake George NY; or elsewhere in Thomas Pest Services’ service area, contact us right away to learn about our bed bug services.

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