Are Termites Active During The Winter?

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termites near an albany, ny home

Some pests are just an annoyance, others are hazardous to your health, and some are actually damaging to your home and personal belongings. None of these pests are pleasant to have inside your home when they are annoying, making you sick, and wrecking your home. Thankfully many pests are seasonal, and they come and go with the changing seasons, and some hang around but hibernate, but some are frustratingly hearty and resourceful and are able infest homes throughout the entire year.

The one pest that stands above all others in most people's minds as a damaging pest is the termite. Not only are they the ultimate wood destroyer, but they can remain active all year inside your home, unseen and silently eating away at the wood that makes up much of common modern framing. Of course, some termites will die off in the right conditions, but most are usually able to burrow deep enough to survive, and those that happen to live where it is warm inside your home and wood are active throughout the year. You could think of them as the super-villain of your home, dedicated to destruction.

Most termites live in outside colonies but they will routinely come inside foraging for food, or be brought in on items brought in from outdoors. Since termites spend most of their time eating covered wood inside your walls, you will rarely see them out and about running across the floor. The only reliable sign you might see is the “frass” or sawdust they push out of tiny holes in the wood. It can take weeks or months for someone to notice any termite activity, and by then a lot of damage could already have happened. They could have hollowed out a structural beam and you won’t know it until it collapses, or until floors are sagging, walls are buckling, and ceilings are warping. What a nightmare this would be, especially when you think that the cost of repairs could have been prevented.

The best way to get rid of termites or prevent them in the first place is to call on the pest control specialists. However, you can try to prevent them by eliminating damaged, wet, moist, or damp wood from your home. Use only stained or painted new boards, not old barn wood. Taking action yourself for prevention is always wise, and can help, but in the end, it takes a professional service to completely eradicate an entire termite infestation, and to ensure that your property is safe. If you want to prevent an infestation of termites, or you have seen signs of them in your home, give us a call at today. It is really important to protect your home year-round from termite damages. If you are a homeowner in Albany, New York, and the Capital District as well as the Adirondack region, Thomas Pest Services can help you with termites and other pest problems.

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