Are Noises Keeping You Up At Night?

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It does not matter if your home is old, new, yellow or green, noises at night can happen to you. It is never a good feeling to be startled out of a pleasant dream by a rustle, or a scratch, gnawing or other animal noise. It’s not exactly how you planned to spend your night. Turns out the house you call home, mice and other wildlife are calling home too. For many homes in the Clifton Park and surrounding area, animals are trying to invade this time of year!

Mice noises usually occur in the evening and at night in the attic, floorboards, and noises in the walls. Grey squirrels loving calling home in attic spaces and creating a ruckus with their urine and droppings. Grey squirrels are active during the day, whereas flying squirrels follow the same schedule as mice.

What to do, where to turn? You want to take care of this problem, but want options. Noises coming from the attic or wall should not be ignored, especially if noises at night are keeping you up. When you contact your Clifton Park pest control specialist, Thomas Pest Services process looks like this

No charge pest inspection.

  • Thomas Pest Services will identify entry points conducive to pest entry.

  • Inspect other portions of the home to determine the culprit of the noise.

  • Review rodent and wildlife solutions that would best fit your home, your pest needs and YOUR needs.

Begin Service.

  • Depending upon the inspection and developing a service for you, below are a few things we may suggest:

  • Exclusion, another word for pest proofing or sealing out rodents.

  • Placing rodent traps in specific areas.

  • Placing rodent bait in specific areas.

  • Install wildlife traps to capture/release wildlife animals.

  • Vacuuming and/or sanitizing areas (clean up) where rodent/wildlife droppings and rodent nesting materials are present.

Follow Up

  • Work with you to ensure your home is free of pests that destroy property and carry disease.

Taking the necessary steps to prevent pest invasions will remove the unwanted visitors from your home. If you are wondering, “What's that sound?” or “What’s that noise?” Thomas Pest Services can help. If you are hearing scratching sounds at night or during the day in the walls, ceiling or attic of your home or structure, you may have an animal or rodent problem. As your Clifton Park wildlife removal specialists, we help homeowners and business in Troy, Latham, Clifton Park, Charlton, Saratoga and Mechanicville with effective wildlife and rodent solutions. Allow Thomas Pest Services identify the noise in your wall or the noise in your attic with a free inspection!

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