Are Gray Squirrels Adding To Your Holiday Stress?

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gray squirrel in new york

Are you sure that's the sound of reindeer on the roof? If you have gray squirrels in your attic crawl spaces, soffits, or wall voids, you might think Santa's up there. But, unlike Santa, they will be up early in the morning gawing, scratching, and bumping around. And, being that they're rodents, they will be chewing on insulation, cardboard, sheetrock, and wires. This makes them a danger to your house, and a fire hazard.

Why do squirrels want to be in my house? Here's something you may not know about grey squirrels, they don't know the difference between your house and a hole in a tree. In winter, squirrels typically hide in tree knots. If they can find a way to get into your attic spaces, they'll think they found the mother of all tree knots.

How did these grey squirrels get into my attic?

Without an inspection, it is impossible to know for sure, because every home is different. But, there are a few common vulnerabilities.

  1. The roofline of any house is the most vulnerable to wild animals. It is common for gaps and cracks to appear as a house settles, and many houses have open vents that allow the home to breath. If a squirrel can get into your roofline, he can work his way down into your soffits. A professional pest controller can seal these entry points with a caulking gun, or wire mesh.

  2. The sheet metal around a chimney is another common entry point for squirrels, rodents, and other tiny creatures. This metal trim needs to be nailed down, and caulk needs to be applied to the edge. If wild animals can get into the cracks around your chimney, they will be able to work down into your attic.

  3. Broken windows or windows with a rotted frame can give squirrels entry into attic spaces. Once in the attic, they are usually able to get down into wall voids and access the rest of the house.

If you have wildlife issues get a professional pest controller involved. Trying to capture or remove a squirrel can be dangerous. Squirrels do not like to be trapped. If they are cornered, or feel as if they can't get out, they can become dangerously agitated. A professional pest technician knows how to safely trap or lure these animals out of your home. They will inspect for entry points and do modifications to seal your exterior walls, and also treat infected areas, so that your family is safe from the illness wild animals spread.

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