Are Camel Crickets A Threat?

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Allow us to answer this question with a question. What looks like a spider but can jump several feet off of a cellar wall, and is prone to doing this directly at you? Yup. If you have a heart condition, camel crickets can be a threat. But let's be honest. For the most part, these insects are harmless to humans. They don't bite, they don't have venom, and they don't spread disease inside a home. They also don't have many of the other traits that make bugs unwelcome inside a home, like the inclination to eat their way through wood, make chirping sounds, or leave a nasty smell. But these pests are definitely a threat to your home and your belongings. Here is all the information on camel cricket damage you will ever need to know.

Damage Camel Crickets Cause

  • Clothes. These are the goats of the insect world. They eat pretty much everything. You can find them dining on a wide variety of things most creatures would find inedible, such as clothing. If you have cloth stored in areas of your home where it is humid or slightly damp, these insects can be a serious problem.

  • Curtains. Clothes aren't the only fabric this insect finds delectable. They will also chew on curtains and other draperies.

  • Rugs. If you would prefer to not have chew marks on your rugs, you might want to have these insects removed from your home.

  • Wood. While camel crickets won't cause your home to collapse, they do sometimes cause damage to the surface of wood as they nibble on food.

  • Wallpaper. These insects can do a number on your wallpaper, especially if you have a finished room in the basement.

  • Wool. If you have blankets that are made out of wool, camel crickets could make a meal out of them.

If you're seeing camel crickets in your New York home, Thomas Pest Services is the best option. These hard-shelled, spider-like bugs are repulsive to live with and, sadly, not easy pests to get rid of once they've found a way inside.

Our pest specialists here at Thomas will deal with camel crickets on several levels. We will address entry points that are allowing them to gain entrance to your home and the conditions that are present in and around your home that attract these insects. Then we'll apply advanced pest control measures to eradicate any crickets inside your home. This is a complete solution that will not only get rid of camel crickets, but it will help to keep a wide variety of other pests out as well.

Are camel crickets a threat to humans? Not directly, but they are definitely not an insect anyone desires to have inside their home. Get those crickets out and keep them out with Thomas Pest Services.

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