Are Bed Bugs Worse In The Summer?

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Bed bugs are a problem for many home and business owners, but are bed bugs worse in the summer? Some people think so, while others are very firm in the belief that summer has no impact on the severity of bed bug problems.

Here’s the thing- bed bugs travel by hitching a ride on people. Not directly on people, per say, but on their belongings, clothing, luggage, etc. When do people travel the most? That would be during the summer, when school has let out and families can take vacations. This may increase the instances of bed bugs that are found in homes, but bed bug problems continue through every season of the year.

The hot summer weather definitely has no impact on bed bugs. These insects can survive in many different climates and at lots of different temperatures. They will easily live inside a chilly house in Maine at the same time they are living in a hot and humid house in Georgia. Either situation is just fine for bed bugs, as long as they have a blood meal to look forward to! Bed bugs feed on the blood of people, usually while those people are sleeping, Bed bugs work hard to stay in close proximity to their next ‘blood meal’.

Why do people think bed bugs are most active in the summer? Probably because of what they see in the news! Bed bugs may be in the news the most in the summertime as people travel and end up depositing these pests in places where they had not previously been. Hotels, homes, apartments, retail stores, government offices, libraries, movie theaters and even restaurants all have run-ins with bed bugs and every once in awhile a news story about bed bugs reaches the headlines, reminding people that these pests are still very much around. It’s unfortunate for particular businesses when stories of their bed bug infestations reach the headlines, but it is a good reminder for people to continue to stay vigilant against these pests.

If you are planning to travel anytime soon and you are worried about bed bugs, just arm yourself with knowledge about these pests and you should be able to avoid bringing them home with you. Check out our tips on how to avoid bringing bed bugs home with you after your next vacation right here! If you should happen to bring a bed bug problem home, contact the pros at Thomas Pest Services for a bed bug inspection and treatment plan to eliminate these pests! At Thomas, we can help you get a good night of sleep with out having to deal with the stress that these pests cause!

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