Ants on the rise!

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Where do ants go to eat? At a restaurant!

For many homeowners in Ghent, Clifton Park, Glenville and Ganesvoort, that restaurant is your home! Ant infestations are annoying, concerning and frustrating. As the spring weathers begins to warm, it is common for Albany pest control companies to have an influx of ant calls, particularly carpenter ants in the northeast.

A recent study by The National Pest Management Association revealed carpenter ants followed by house ants are the most popular ants, pest management professionals exterminate. The study also revealed the kitchen, bathroom, wall voids, bedrooms, living room, basements, air conditioning and heating units were the most vulnerable areas within a structure.

Pest Stats

Usually red, black or a combination


Segmented; oval



Throughout U.S., most common in the Northeast!

Learn how to prevent ants:

  • Trim shrubs, bushes and trees so they do not touch the structure.
  • Keep garbage in a sealed plastic container.
  • Clean up crumbs, spills as soon as possible.
  • Control moisture.
  • Fix leaky pipes, spigots and/or invest in a dehumidifier.
  • Seal cracks and crevices around the structure.

Thomas Pest Services ant removal treatment begins with an inspection to the home to identify nesting locations and conducive areas. Lastly, our treatment targets the nesting area, injecting product into those areas along with several other methods. As each structure is different and poses a unique situation, call today for a free inspection

With ant infestations on the rise throughout the country, including the northeast, it is important to resolve ant issues relatively quickly. Carpenter ants can contribute property and structural damage by chewing galleries in wood to create their nests. Contact your Albany ant removal specialists, whether it’s one ant, ten ants, piles of sawdust or other signs of ants. Do not let these insects continue to damage your structure, contact Thomas Pest Services for a free inspection.

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