Animal in the Attic

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Have you ever had an animal in the attic? The noises coming from the attic space can certainly be frightening and concerning. A little mouse can sometimes sound like a huge raccoon. Wildlife outdoors may look precious, but once animals get inside your home they are annoying and a nuisance. Homeowners in Clifton Park hearing noises in the attic should contact a wildlife removal company.

How can you determine the animal in the attic?Animal in the Attic

  • Animal droppings or rodent droppings.
  • Scampering, scratching, vocal noises.
  • Pitter patter of feet.
  • Damaged vents, facias, chewed holes, etc.
  • Live animals around your property.
  • Scattered garbage or disturbed garbage cans.

Why are animals in the attic harmful to you, your family and home?

  • Spread harmful bacteria and diseases.
  • Contaminate insulation with droppings, urine and nest materials.
  • Structural damage.
  • Create a risk of fire from chewing on electrical wires.
  • Damage belongings.
  • Introduce other pests in the home like fleas and ticks.

Any animal in the attic or animal in your home can create serious damage and be a health risk. Coming across wildlife this time of year, you may find them vicious as they may be pregnant or have wildlife babies nearby. Be cautious and always contact a wildlife control specialist like Thomas Pest Services to properly remove any animal in the attic.

How do you remove an animal in the attic?

  • Contact Albany NY wildlife removal experts.
  • Allow a wildlife removal expert perform an inspection to determine where the animals are nesting and how to evict them.
  • Place traps or other mechanical devices around home and/or property to capture animals.
  • Clean and sanitize areas from wildlife including replacing insulation from animals.
  • Perform the necessary exclusion to prevent animals from getting back into the home or attic space.

Do not wonder another day or night, “What's that sound?” or “What’s that noise?” Allow Thomas Pest Services your Albany wildlife removal specialists, helping homeowners and business in Troy, Latham, Clifton Park, Charlton, Saratoga and Mechanicville with effective wildlife and rodent solutions. A rodent or wildlife animal in the attic is dangerous and a health risk to your family. Let Thomas Pest Services identify the noise in your wall or the noise in your attic with a free inspection!

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