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Rats are the size of cats! Although New York City has a large rat population, some rats are quite large, but not the size of cats! Although the rat population in NYC is plentiful, rat populations thrive with their access to food, lack of funds to control the population and climate changes.

New York City receives complaints from residents all over New York. Last week, a hotel supervisor was forced to drop her pants in the middle of a full midtown subway car when a brazen rat darted up her trouser leg according to the NY Daily News. MTA conducted additional inspections after the most recent vermin incident, and states they routinely clean subway cars, platforms and track areas of debris that may attract rodents. Officials suggest rider refrain from eating on subways and to properly depose of trash.

Did you know… Courtesy of NY Magazine.

  • Female rats are sexually mature at eight-to-ten weeks.
  • Female rats can produce a litter within 21 days of impregnation.
  • Female rats can mate again within eighteen hours of giving birth and routinely turn out more than 50 offspring per year.
  • Rats can swim for more than half a mile, tread water for three days.
  • Rats can gnaw through concrete and lead, collapse their skeletons to fit through a hole no bigger than a quarter.
  • Rats can go for two weeks without sleeping.
  • Rats and their rodent allies eat and otherwise despoil up to one fifth of the world’s food supply.

Thomas Pest Services is your local pest professional specializing in rodent control. Our services include removal of rodents, removal of droppings and exclusion services to prevent their re-entry. Contact us for a free estimate by phone at 1-877-518-2847, email, twitter or facebook. If a noise or the sound of a pitter patter is keeping you awake contact your Colonie rodent removal specialists.

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