Albany Prepares For Termite Awareness Week

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You might not see it pre-printed on your calendar as a national holiday, but it certainly is not any less important. Termite Awareness Week was created to provide information about termites as well as educate homeowners as to the dangers and seriousness of termites. Whether it be to your home, or to your other property, termites are extremely destructive and cost homeowners in the United States, on average, more than $5 billion dollars each year. To minimize the risk of termites becoming attracted to your Albany home, use the following prevention tips.

  • Stain or paint wood - Stain and paint deter termites. When building with wood, whether it be interior or exterior, consider stain or paint to make it less attractive to termites.

  • Keep gutters clear and clean - A clogged gutter is a major contributor to rotted wood, which attracts termites. Keeping gutters clean means alleviating standing water, and alleviating standing water helps minimize the damage done to any exterior wood.

  • Use new wood - If building anything in or around your home try and avoid the use of old wood.

  • Fix leaks - Much like gutters, leaks in pipes, walls, or foundations can cause wood to rot, creating prime eating for termites. Make sure to quickly fix any leaks in or around your home.

  • Store wood away from your home - If you have a wood pile, try and store it away from your home. Though the wood might attract termites, if it is far enough away, they could become content with what they have and not become interested in entering your home.

  • Seal cracks - Seal up cracks and crevices in foundations and exterior walls.

  • Clean debris - Keep your yard free and clear of clutter and debris.

If you have termites, we can help! Our termite control combines extensive knowledge with industry-leading elimination methods to guarantee the removal of termites from your home. Eliminating the nest is key to eliminating termites, and our professionals are thoroughly trained and know how to accomplish this. To completely eradicate termites we use the incredibly effective Sentricon® System with Always Active™. With the installation of feeding stations packed with delicious and deadly bait, we are able to interrupt the termites' ability to reproduce, therefore eliminating the growth of a colony. Once the bait stations are installed termites will start feeding instantly, which means that a substantial reduction in termites will also begin almost immediately. Using our Hex-Pro System, a pesticide-free monitoring system, we reassure complete eradication by following up periodically and monitoring both your property, bait stations, and the inside of your home. Should you find termites in your home, don’t panic. Whatever your situation, you can reach out today for a free estimate, and we can provide fast service to take care of whatever problems you may have. Help us keep Albany termite free, and if you have questions, one of our professionals will always be happy to answer your questions.

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