5 Reasons A Mouse In The House Is Trouble

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Mice are so cute. Aren't they? They have those cute little whiskers, and that adorable little overbite. And, when they eat food, they look like they're about to sneeze the whole time. If you really think about it, it will make you laugh the next time you're watching a mouse eat. So, everyone should have a mouse living in their home. Right?

Here are five reasons you might think twice about have a mouse living in your house.

  1. Animals do not have a problem with filth, in fact, they are drawn to it. They love to chew into half rotted animals, an eight day old banana, and a clump of hardened ketchup, if that's all they can find. It doesn't bother them a bit. They'll slide their fur along the side of a sewage pipe, or their belly across a pool of congealed baby food, without blinking an eye. And, they won't think twice about crawling over your silverware with that rot on their fur. This is bad news for anyone who has a mouse problem--even an occasional one. Humans don't have a tolerance for bacteria, because we aren't exposed to it on a daily basis. And, our GI tract is not as robust as a rodents. That little mouse crawling in the corner may look cute, but the microbes on his fur aren't cute at all.

  2. You probably know that mouse droppings are usually the way most people realize they have mice living in their home. They find the little pellets in the back of drawers, under cabinets, and in the cupboards. But did you know that mice spread viruses with their feces? Have you heard of the outbreak of the Haunta virus in the 1990s, that spread through Southern California, Arizona, and New Mexico, through the inhalation of dried mouse feces? Mouse droppings are not something you want in your drawers, cabinets, or attic spaces.

  3. Most homeowners that get mice, don't even realize they have them, which makes the health issues even more frustrating to deal with. But, if you're one of the lucky ones, the mice infestation will move into your wall voids, and alert you to the problem. This, however, creates a new problem: bumping and scraping in your walls while you're trying to sleep. Prolonged mouse infestation can be a nightmare for anyone who likes to get their beauty sleep.

  4. Mice love to chew on wires. If they are thumping and scraping in your wall voids, you can be sure they are chewing on your wires. This can create sparks, and those sparks can ignite insulation.

  5. Mice also chew wood, sheetrock, and insulation. If you've ever seen a mouse hole, you know that mice can do a lot of damage. Some of that damage is in hard to get at areas, behind your walls, and in your attic.

So, if you really must have a mouse, go to the pet store and pick one out. Make sure to get a cage. A free roaming mouse is never a good thing to have in your home. If you have an infestation, call a professional to have the mice removed safely and humanely. Professionals have the knowledge and experience to make sure no mice are left crawling through your silverware drawer. And, they can show you how to seal up your home to prevent future infestations.

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