Amsterdam, NY Bee & Wasp Control (Montgomery County)

The Amsterdam Riverfront. Dover Creek Trail. Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site. Strawberry Fields Nature Preserve. The City of Amsterdam, NY, and Montgomery County is peppered with connections to nature that make it a great place for people to live. But those very same aspects also make it a great place for all sorts of insects and wildlife to live – and in the spring, summer, and early fall, stinging insects like bees and wasps can become an especially bothersome problem. 

That doesn’t mean you have to accept a life pestered by stinging insects: Thomas Pest Services can help.

Our Bee and Wasp Control Process

Our stinging insect control process is built around 2 simple approaches: removal and prevention. In the case of an existing nest on your property, we will remove the nest and apply preventative treatments to any prone nesting sites. If you are opting for preventative treatments before you have a stinging insect problem, treatments are done when bee, wasp, and hornet season starts, and carry on for the duration of the active season with regular treatments. Typical areas of application include:

  • Overhangs
  • Decks/Porches
  • Windows/Door frames
  • Any other areas prone to pests

Where We Service

We service the City of Amsterdam and the surrounding areas in Montgomery County, including: 

  • Fort Hunter
  • Fort Johnson
  • Fultonville
  • Hagaman
  • Fonda

In need of stinging insect control in Montgomery County? We can help.

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