Albany, NY Wildlife Control (Albany County)

The New York State Capitol nestled on the edge of the Hudson River, Albany is known for its beautiful architecture (most notably the New York State Capitol), its educational institutions (think UAlbany and The College of St. Rose), and its thriving art scene, best exemplified by The Albany Institute of History and Art on Washington Ave and the thriving artisan scene on bustling Lark Street. 

It is also (less, fortunately, we add) known for its sometimes invasive wildlife pests. Unwanted critters that frequently plague the citizens of Albany include skunks, raccoons, bats – and of course, squirrels. Oh god, the squirrels. But don’t worry people of Albany, Thomas Pest Services has you covered! 

Our Wildlife Control Process

Our process is simple but effective: 

  • Inspect the problem area
  • Remove animals wherever they have taken refuge 
  • Implement preventative measures (humane traps, deterrents, and exclusion tactics)
  • Damage repair - which includes entry-point repair, cleaning, and sanitizing.

Where We Service

We service the City of Albany and the surrounding areas in Albany County, including: 

Altamont Medusa
Clarksville Menands
Cohoes Newtonville
Delmar Ravena
Feura Bush Selkirk
Glenmont Slingerlands
Guilderland Voorheesville
Latham Watervliet


In need of wildlife removal in Albany County? We can help.

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