Albany, NY Bee & Wasp Control (Albany County)

Warm weather is a treasure in Albany NY. Washington Park provides ample opportunity for a stroll through the flowers – so much so that the city holds the Tulip Festival annually to celebrate the blooming of the city’s favorite flower. Flowers line the bars and restaurants on Lark Street, New Scotland Avenue, and Madison Avenue. While these flowers make for lovely sights and smells, if you have spent time in Albany you’ve probably noticed that bees and other stinging insects can run pretty rampant between May and October – and that presence isn’t limited to just parks and businesses. 

So what can you do to keep stinging insects from infesting your yard? At Thomas Pest, we have the solution.

Our Bee and Wasp Control Process

Our stinging insect control process is built around 2 simple approaches: removal and prevention. In the case of an existing nest on your property, we will remove the nest and apply preventative treatments to any prone nesting sites. If you are opting for preventative treatments before you have a stinging insect problem, treatments are done when bee, wasp, and hornet season starts, and carry on for the duration of the active season with regular treatments. Typical areas of application include:

  • Overhangs
  • Decks/Porches
  • Windows/Door frames
  • Any other areas prone to pests

Where We Service

We service the City of Albany and the surrounding areas in Albany County, including: 

Altamont Medusa
Clarksville Menands
Cohoes Newtonville
Delmar Ravena
Feura Bush Selkirk
Glenmont Slingerlands
Guilderland Voorheesville
Latham Watervliet


In need of stinging insect control in Albany County? We can help.

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